Classic & Gourmet
Spa Hotel thermal in Termas de Rio Hondo

Restaurant Gourmet

Los Cardones offers the discerning Diner, both Argentine as foreign, the best quality of products and its tailor-made care.
Our learning is daily, we get it from you, our main understood both the latest technologies of culinary comfort and style.
Our international chefs, highly trained in Haute cuisine to not stop to surprise you with both traditional dishes from the North of Argentina, as also classic and modern dishes.

Bakery and pastry

We have a focused team in this area carried out by the professional pastry chef Ariel Suarez, Manager of the total production of bakery products, desserts, cakes and other derivatives.
With this we articulate first level both at breakfast and also in our restaurant and bar service.


With respect to the bar, we follow the same line that characterizes our gastronomic service. Rodrigo Battenti, resident bartender, is in charge of delight each guest with the wide variety of cocktails, ranging from the legendary classics to the most exquisite cocktails of author with native notes of northern Argentina, who manage to awaken the senses.